SUB is a wordplay and a commitment for those who don’t want to compromise between performance and adventure.
Our new Sport Utility Bicycle is designed and produced in house, pushing the limits of speed and versatility. SUB is the bike quiver killer.

Carry the speed

Sleek aero design and no external cables, coupled with aggressive geometry and a robust construction… the SUB is designed for racing.

No limits

With a geometry optimised for 30 to 35 mm tyres, the SUB dials up the versatility with clearance for up to 40 mm tyres, allowing you to tune your SUB to meet the needs of your ride.


Its compact geometry with short chainstays and low bottom bracket makes the SUB highly responsive for such a versatile bike.

Our Carbon Link technology allows us to build our frames without any breaks in the long fibre construction. The frame reacts as a single unit with no weakness areas in terms of strength distribution. This is a unique process in the industry.

Superior response to weight ratio

The carbon fibre braiding of our tubes is done in house using more than 30% bi-axle construction (+/- 45 degree angles). This means we can customise the feel of our frames for maximum rigidity where it matters and vertical compliance for traction on all surfaces.

Reliable handling

Unique technology with our one piece carbon construction throughout. All joints are smooth and connected by single long carbon fibre in our secret process, all thanks to our know how.


Our smooth, strong and long fibre carbon connections at all joints make our frames stronger, more robust and more reliable.


Order now to be one of just 50 owners of our numbered LTD edition.