Cycling is synonymous with pure freedom, this is what it means to us here at Wish One. Our philosophy with the SUB is to give you even more freedom. With it’s 40mm tyre clearance, the SUB is built for racing with no limitations, from urban crits to gravel epics.

· Carbon link technology™
· Compact geometry
· Max Tire Clearance : 40mm
· Frame Weight : 1.150 grams (Medium size, Painted, No Hardware)
· Limited Edition : Chameleon paint, numbered 1 to 50
· Color :  Purple chameleon  / WO Blue


Racing is evolving quickly, and our athletes were asking us for a high-performance bike, capable of tackling any event on the calendar. The new SUB’s ability to run a wide range of tyres with a maximum of riding performance makes it the perfect racing machine.



Our Carbon Link technology allows us to build frames with joints made from continuous long fibres, meaning we can do away with excess material to optimise weight. The frame responds as a single unit with no weakness points in terms of strength distribution, unique to the industry.


We are carbon specialists and only use premium materials to design each frame to our exacting definitions. Our carbon HR fibres are specially selected by our team from a German factory and braided in house with a precise weaving angle: we use 70% unidirectional fibres and 30% bi-axle (+/- 45 degrees max). Carbon fibre is layered and oriented to achieve zone-specific requirements, such as stiffness, compliance, and impact strength.


Geometry plays a crucial part in the feel of a bike. This is where clear choices translate to the personality and characteristics of the ride.
The SUB’s compact geometry with it’s short chainstays and low bottom bracket makes it highly responsive for such a versatile bike.


Given the SUB’s race-bred pedigree, it’s geometry and handling are optimised for tyre widths of 30 to 35mm. Yet the SUB can take up to 40mm tyres for extreme riding conditions and will also work perfectly with less than 30mm.


The SUB is compatible with most drivetrain brands, models and configurations on the market. The integrated front end provides internal routing for brakes, 2by and 1by drivetrains alike.

· Mechanical (1by)
· Electronic Wired
· Electronic Wireless
· 1by
· 2by

The SUB is a high-performance bike designed for racing, prioritising all-out speed and a responsive ride. With handling characteristics and a geometry optimised for 30 to 35 mm tires, the SUB is a progressive race bike engineered to provide the performance that competitive riders demand. The SUB is your bike quiver killer. It breaks the rules and the distinctions between disciplines, removing limitations. It performs on all fronts that count – efficient power transmission, weight, aerodynamics, and versatility. The SUB has clearance for up to 40mm tyres, as required by today’s racing.


The SUB has been designed with our unique Carbon Link technology, meaning a continuous long fibre construction throughout, and made possible by Wish One’s in house carbon manufacturing capability. The frame responds as a single unit with no weakness points in terms of strength distribution, a process unique in the industry. 


This Limited Edition of the SUB bike comes with a special paint job and is available in 3 different build options (transmission, wheels, and components.) It’s also available as frame only or there’s a la carte options.

There’re only 50 bikes available in this numbered and limited edition!